Preventing Family Breakdown

This chapter was added to the procedures manual in September 2015, it provides information on a project which Derbyshire Council are piloting with the aim of reducing family breakdown with adolescents who are on the edge of care.

Derbyshire County Council, together with four other local authorities, (Hull, Buckinghamshire, Harrow and Southwark) comprise a consortium led by Morning Lane Associates who are piloting the Reclaiming Social Work model within the context of preventing family breakdown with adolescents and their families who are 'on the edge of care'.

The project also includes developing the role of consultant social worker (CSW) and exploring ways in which "bureaucracy" can be reduced. In Derbyshire we will also be looking at ways in which systemic and pedagogic approaches can help us improve the way we work with adolescents  and their families and this will include exploring ways in which 'Children in Need' services under Section 17 may be developed creatively.

Two Preventing Family Breakdown (PFB) teams cover the north and south of the county based at West Street in Chesterfield and Godkin House in Ripley, managed by the Programme Manager, Starting Point.

See section Decision to Look After and Care Planning of the Document Library for more information.

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