Preventing Family Breakdown

The Preventing Family Breakdown Team was developed in 2015 in response to Eileen Munroe’s response to Reclaiming Social Work. The model has been reviewed since this time to ensure it compliments statutory social work and focuses changing and embedding sustainable change which promotes positive outcomes for children and young people.

The context of preventing family breakdown includes children and their families who are ‘on the edge of care’, and also those children who are likely to be returning to their parent’s care.

In Derbyshire we also be look at ways in which systemic and pedagogic approaches can help us improve the way we work with adolescents and their families and this includes exploring ways in which 'Children in Need' services under Section 17 may be developed creatively.

Preventing Family Breakdown (PFB) covers the whole county and are based at Shand House in Matlock, managed by the Head of Family Service, Starting Point.

See section Decision to Look After and Care Planning of the Document Library for more information on the Preventing Family Breakdown model, including a Team Booklet and summary.