Alcohol Consumption Guidance

This guidance was added to the procedures in June 2019; it provides clear guidance for carers on the consumption of alcohol by Children in Care.

  • No child under 16 should be given any form of alcohol whatsoever;
  • No young person aged 16 or 17 should be given alcohol by care givers (on a regular basis). However, whether they are allowed alcohol at rare, special occasions should be written in the safe care plan and decided in discussion with the Team Around the Child (child/ young people, carers, social worker, etc.);
  • At such special events - those young people aged 16-17 could (depending upon individual assessment/safe care plan/team around the child) have limited alcohol as a toast along with a meal for example, rather than leaving it open to drinking generally at the event;
  • Care givers should discuss safe consumption of alcohol with young people.