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View Derbyshire Safeguarding Procedures manual View Derbyshire Safeguarding Procedures manual


December 2017

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Death of or Serious Injury to a Child (Looked After and Child In Need) This chapter has been reviewed and updated to reflect current processes to be followed in Derbyshire when Children’s Social Care are notified of a serious childcare incident, including notification to Ofsted.
Children and Young People Aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities This chapter has been updated to reflect the outcome of a court judgment on Ordinary Residence which was included in the revised DoH, Care and Support Statutory Guidance (December 2016). (See Section 12, Funding Issues - Ordinary Residence).
Young Carers This guidance has been updated to include information on the support services available for young carers via Derbyshire Carers Association. Please see Local Information for full details.
Decision to Look After and Care Planning This chapter has been amended to reflect the outcome of a decision of the Court of Appeal (2017) with respect to the consent requirement under s.20 of the Children Act 1989. The Court recognised that the word ‘consent’ does not appear in Section 20. However, it described the guidance given in previous case law as ‘good practice guidance’, emphasising its judgment should not alter the content and effect of these. (See Section 1.3.1, Obtaining Parental Consent).
Secure Accommodation Policy This guidance has been reviewed throughout and updated as required to reflect current arrangements in Derbyshire for obtaining a Secure Accommodation Placement, In particular, Section 5, The Decision Making Process – Secure Panel has been substantially revised to reflect current practice in relation to making decisions about the need for a placement in secure accommodation.
Advocacy and Independent Visitors This chapter has been updated to include a link to the Children’s Society publication ‘Advocacy Services for Children and Young People – A Guide for Commissioners’. This guide outlines the legislative requirements placed on local authorities in relation to the provision of advocacy support to Children in Need and Looked After Children.
Looked After Reviews A link has been added to the Law Society guidance on ‘Attendance of Solicitors at Local Authority Children Act Meetings’ and associated Code of Conduct for situations where the child or family who attend reviews are supported by a legal representative. (See Section 7, Supporters and Interpreters.)
Appointment and Role of Independent Reviewing Officers This guidance has been updated in relation to the role of the Independent Reviewing Officer in line with the Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations - Volume 2: Care Planning, Placement and Case Review, June 2015. In particular, the need for the IRO to be sensitive to the close and active involvement of parents of a child who is Looked After in a series of Short Breaks and problem-solving where any difficulties or issues arise.
Overnight Stays and Social Visits This guidance has been reviewed and updated throughout.
Holidays and School Trips in the UK Section 1, Holidays has been updated to include a reminder that Children in Care must not be taken on holiday during term time unless there are very exceptional circumstances. The reason for this is to try and minimise any disruption to the education of Children in Care and to help ensure they meet their full potential at school. Social workers and team managers will be expected to reinforce the importance of avoiding holidays during term time and any requests for exceptional leave need to be approved prior to any holiday planning by the school's Head Teacher; the Service Director, Early Help and Safeguarding, and the Head of the Virtual School.
List of Agency Decision Makers, Designated Managers and Nominated Officers This chapter has been reviewed locally and updated as required.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Relinquished Children This new chapter deals with the first stages of the adoption process for relinquished children, whilst signposting other key processes that should be progressed and which are expected for any child who is Accommodated or where the plan is for adoption. It also summarises the counselling and support that will be made available to the birth family in these circumstances. Once a decision is made and consent is formally given, although not irreversible, the adoption process is as for any other child.
Tattoo and Body Piercing Policy This policy sets out the legal framework and processes to be followed if a Looked After Child wishes to have a tattoo or piercing.

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